World Innovation Convention Cannes, 4-6 November 2014 "Platform for Innovation Leaders"

Event Overview

Audience Driven Action Packed Program

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Welcome to the 5th annual Flagship event on Innovation and Creativity. The World Innovation Convention in picturesque Cannes is the most popular and pioneering platform for global innovators who particularly join to collaborate with their industry peers, and proven experts  for 3 action packed days. They assemble with a direct mission to learn , share and discover how to make innovation happen faster and better within their organizations.   

We strive to bring together innovation leaders, research experts, product developers, designers and business leaders across all industries on one stage.

Most Impactful Conference on Global Level

Meet some of the foremost innovation leaders and creative minds in today’s business world. Our trendsetting conference offers you an audience driven format, including keynotes, case studies, storytelling, play session, quizzes, contests, workshops, panels, gamification and much more.

Distinguished speaker faculty is comprising of senior level decision makers, notably they contribute at only just a few conferences annually. They make an special effort in sharing hardcore business intelligence to help audience get the critical insights into how to drive innovation, and build up the sustainable ecosystem in launching unique products and services.

It’s a vibrant gathering of innovative minds and the grand opportunity to learn as well as share. Collaborate with these inspiring & creative minds, learn from business success stories and apply what you’ve learnt immediately.

Conference is held every November with a particular objective, we want our participants get a head start on the next year. This is an abundant opportunity to improve your skills by working closely with leading innovators, get guidance and learn to accelerate innovation and product development in your organization.

Location – Dazzling Cannes is Yours

The Convention is held every year in Cannes, a city of sandy beaches and a vibrant history. Cannes is a popular destination for business travelers and high profile events throughout the year. With its exotic weather and breathtaking landscape, this is a must-see destination.

Why You Should Attend

You get the chance to share your vision with like-minded individuals, get feedback from market experts and make the most of some high-value networking opportunities. Get on top of the game through our impactful program as you learn how to implement innovative solutions in your business by leveraging the latest technology and trends in the market today. This program is fantastic value for money.

With interactive workshops and engaging guest speakers from around the world, this conference is an unmatched platform for building and optimizing your business processes.

What You Stand to Gain

At the World Innovation Convention, we get you up-close and personal with the brightest and best. We hand-pick our speakers, and this is a rare opportunity for participants to talk to them face-to-face. It offers you the chance to reach out to brilliant minds and improve your business and yourself!

Register at the Earliest

Our cross-industry event is one of the most popular of its kind, offering experts across various industry niches an opportunity to share, collaborate and take away usable advice.

It’s never too early to register – we encourage you to start immediately!
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